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Our History

The Nissen Trampoline Academy is a trampoline center of excellence that directly traces its roots to George Nissen, the inventor of the modern day trampoline.

George Nissen Kangaroo Central Park

Dian Nissen, George’s daughter, is the owner, operator, and head coach of Nissen Trampoline Academy. In her youth, Dian trained daily at her father’s gym, with some of the best coaches in the sport, in order to compete at the highest levels of trampolining.

Following her years as an elite athlete, Dian achieved success in the fitness industry where she trained and motivated others to reach their own personal goals. Along the way, she never lost her passion for trampolining, even incorporating fitness trampolines into her arsenal of fitness equipment and expertise. Through serendipity, the opportunity to teach trampoline skills at a circus arts school presented itself and Dian rediscovered the love that she had for the trampoline, the fulfillment in training students and watching them progress, and the sheer joy that bouncing provided her.

The desire to be seriously involved again with the trampoline became stronger and more focused. Her passion to train and help others improve their physical fitness and performance potential produced the vision for the Nissen Trampoline Academy. The full circle is complete and a training facility for both recreational and competitive trampolinists is now available for aspiring bouncers. The exciting programs and expert instruction at Nissen Trampoline Academy is a true tribute to the George Nissen legacy and the excellence he brought to sports and fitness.

Our Mission Statement

Nissen Trampoline Academy’s mission is to promote the sport of trampoline gymnastics through:
– providing high-quality instruction and coaching to competitive athletes who seek to compete at local, state, national and international competitions.
– providing correct and appropriate education and training to recreational trampoline enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

Important elements that are critical to achieving our goals are:
– Creating opportunities and building global linkages with individuals and clubs to promote the sport of trampolining.
– Promoting trampoline safety through community outreach and education.
– Promoting the health benefits and conditioning derived through routine participation in trampoline gymnastics.
– Stressing the importance of first learning the basics of trampolining including the significance of learning proper progressions for skills.
– Promoting trampoline gymnastics as a physical activity for overall fitness and as an aid to weight management.
– Reaching out to all people including those with special needs, the under-served populations, and those of diversity.

Essential components of education and outreach are:
– Providing clinics to improve the knowledge and performance of athletes.
– Increasing the knowledge, expertise and ability of trampoline coaches by providing education and clinics geared toward the gymnastics professional.
– Providing fitness and health education to the community in order to help curb the epidemic of obesity in children.

Our Staff

Dian Nissen

Dian began her involvement with sports and fitness at an early age, becoming an AAU All-American (Amateur Athletic Union) by the time she was 16. She was the 1976 U.S. Women’s Trampoline champion in all three trampoline events: Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, and Double Mini-Trampoline. At the age of 15, she placed 4th at the 1976 Trampoline World Championships in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dian is a member of USA Gymnastics and is a certified USA Gymnastics University Instructor. She is a USAG Coach specializing in Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline and Double Mini-Trampoline.

Jake Ramirez

Jake, Dian’s son and George’s grandson, grew up active and playing various sports, although he did not compete in trampoline. Jake practiced Kempo Karate for over 8 years before achieving black belt. Jake has played water polo through middle school, high school and into college. Jake is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a specialty certification in Youth Fitness. Jake is also a USAG certified T&T Coach.




Our Location

Nissen Trampoline Academy
9586 Distribution Avenue, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121
(Located within Champion Rhythmics)





The Nissen Trampoline Academy offers a variety of trampoline, gymnastic, and fitness programs. These include trampoline and tumbling (T&T), fitness classes, as well as several new programs that we are currently developing that will be available soon.

Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T): The Nissen Trampoline Academy has both competitive and recreational Trampoline and Tumbling Programs. New students are welcome to learn to bounce, develop basic skills, and improve their coordination. Our competitive T&T athletes are able to compete at the local, regional, and national level in Trampoline and Tumbling under USA Gymnastics (USAG).

USA Gymnastics Member Club
Nissen Trampoline Academy – USA Gymnastics Member Club

Fitness Classes: We utilize our JumpSport fitness trampolines as a low-impact alternative for cardio and conditioning fitness. We are soon offering a few new types of fitness classes. These classes will have different objectives, such as strength, flexibility, and agility.

Adult Classes: Anyone can learn to bounce! We will begin having adult classes for most of our programs. Adults can now increase their flexibility, balance, and strength, all while burning calories and having fun.

For more class information, please contact us by email at: info@nissentrampoline.com

New members can register and sign up through JackRabbit below. Existing members can sign in to their account to view enrollments, balances, and information.

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For more information please contact us by email or phone. Reserve your spot in one of our classes today!

Nissen Trampoline Academy
9586 Distribution Avenue, Suite C.
San Diego, CA 92121

General Info:
phone: (858) 558-0495
email: info@nissentrampoline.com


Welcome to the Nissen Trampoline Academy!

For more information please send us an email at info@nissentrampoline.com

Nissen Trampoline Academy
9586 Distribution Avenue, Suite C.
San Diego, CA 92121

General Info:
phone: (858) 558-0495
email: info@nissentrampoline.com

You can also reach us through the contact form below.